Below we have provided popular questions on opticash, and few others.
Can I use Opticash Outside Nigeria and the UK?
Yes,you can use Opticash in regions where our mobile apps are available on Google and Apple store. You can use the fiat wallet or Virtual card to make online payments. However, you can't receive money into your local bank account outside Nigeria and the UK currently
Withdrawing and depositing on Opticash
You can only top-up Naira, Pounds and other available currencies on the opticash platform using any payment method of your choice. We offer Bank transfer, Credit/debit card, mobile money & payment links.
Can I reverse a mistaken external transfer?
We are unable to reverse external transfer to the wrong bank account. This is because once funds have been cashed out, they are no longer within our network or direct control. Please do ensure you enter the right phone number or bank account number when cashing out and take time to review the transaction before completing it.
My withdrawal/cash out transaction is missing or being delayed
Sometimes, network issues may lead to customers not being able to receive their withdrawn/external transferred funds in their bank account within the estimated timeline indicated on the app. Please be assured that we are closely monitoring your transaction to make sure it arrives in your mobile money/bank account in the shortest time possible.
Can I get a refund for the money I wrongly sent to another Opticash user?
No, please. This is why we advise that, before sending any payment on Opticash, customers should make sure they:
1. Double-check the recipient's name, phone number, and/or Opticash tag
2. Agree on what you’re paying for before sending any payment
How long does it take for me to do a cross-border payment?
Most payouts on Opticash complete in less than five minutes.
How safe are my funds?
Your funds, transactions, and private information are protected by state-of-the-art security technology that powers some of the biggest services in the world.
Why is Opticash asking for my BVN?
A BVN allows us to know that you’re a real person and we use BVN for KYC

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