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Helping you to process fast payment around the world

What we offer

Using opticash provides you with a decentralized platforms that allows you to carry all your transaction and fast payments

  • Banking System

    We provide a banking system that allows you to create new account, manage funds and make transfers easily

  • Social interactive platform:

    We have a chat system that allows you to communicate with each other and also enables quick sending through chats

  • Debit card:

    We offer a physical /Virtual debit card which makes it easy for you to carry out fast payments or online transactions

  • Multiple wallet/Tokenisation:

    With our multiple wallet and tokenisation feature, you are safe to transact in different currencies of your choice.

Opticash is an all-in-one platform that enables users to chat, process payment, save in multiple wallets all from a decentralized platform.

It is a transparent service where you can trace your transactions 24/7 whether it is blockchain transactions or bank deposits/withdrawals.

Our Mission

To help individuals and Businesses carry out faster payments across different countries

Our Vision

To be the best decentralised platform solving payment processing in the world.

Our Value

For Individuals and businesses who have the problem of payment processing, Opticash is a fast and reliable social fintech platform with a decentralised banking feature to make payment processing faster around the world using blockchain, That provides banking, chat system, exchange, debit cards, mobile app, and multiple wallet feature, Unlike our competitors, our product/solution provides a Social interactive platform along with a decentralised banking and fast payment system around the world using Opticash (OPCH)

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Get Started with 3 Easy Steps

Steps to get started on using Opticash. The first step which is the registration, after which you proceed to your dashboard and get started.

  • 01


    You will be prompted to input your neccesary informations to set up opticash account. Your name, email, country and other details.

  • 02


    On your dashboard, you have the option to use the banking system, chat system, buying token, sendng money, transaction details and other exciting features

  • 03

    Get Started

    Get started with any of these feature and enjoy our service. You can send and request money through the chat feature and also send money directly

A well secured Platform

Cloud-based secured network with Integrated Cyber security policy in-line with blockchain's promise of trust-less security applied to the ownership or exchange of almost any asset. In addition, Opticash smart contracts are 100% security audited to protect the clients from outlying risk factors.